Ohio denies admission to bar applicant who lied on law school application

In re Grimsley, 2014-Ohio-5033

The Ohio Supreme Court denied admission to Matthew S. Grimsley, even though he passed the bar exam, because he failed to disclose alcohol-related offenses on his law school application.

Ҧ4 After meeting with Grimsley on June 17, 2013, two Columbus Bar Association admissions-committee members found that he had disclosed multiple convictions for alcohol-related offenses from October 2006 through October 2011, expressed his remorse for his conduct, and reported that his drinking days were behind him.

¶5 In the course of the investigation, the board found that while Grimsley had disclosed four separate offenses on his application to register as a candidate for admission to the bar, he had disclosed only one of those offenses on his original law-school applications and none of them on his application to transfer to Moritz College of Law.”

The Ohio Supreme Court denied admission, but held that Grimsley may apply to take the February 2015 or later bar exam.

Edward X. Clinton, Jr.


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