Illinois Supreme Court Disciplinary Order of September 22, 2016

ARDC  |  Clerk’s Office, Filings and Public Hearings:

This order resolves a number of disciplinary cases.  The case of former Illinois Assistant Attorney General, Htin Myat Win was the most significant. The Illinois Supreme Court ordered as follows:

“Mr. Win, who was licensed in 2012, was suspended for one year. While serving as an Assistant Illinois Attorney General, he made a false statement to a federal judge by claiming that he had notified a witness to appear for a hearing when, in fact, he had not sent notification to the witness. He then created and back-dated a letter to support his false claim, and he repeated the false statement to his supervisor. He later filed a false affidavit repeating the claim and made false statements to the ARDC by again claiming that he had notified the witness about the hearing. The suspension is effective on October 13, 2016.”

In the case of bankruptcy lawyer Jackson Edward Donley, the court issued the following order:

Mr. Donley, who was licensed in 1981, was suspended for one year and until further order of the Court, with the suspension stayed after three months by a two-year period of conditional probation. He filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition for a client in which he falsely stated that the client was unmarried and owed mortgage payments for his residence. In fact, he knew that the client resided with a spouse who had a substantial income, and the client had no rent or mortgage obligation for their home. Mr. Donley also falsely represented in the electronic pleadings that his client had signed printed copies of the pleadings. The suspension is effective on October 13, 2016.”

The Illinois Supreme Court also disbarred Bradley Aubel:

Mr. Aubel, who was licensed in 1997, was disbarred. He was convicted in federal court of obstruction of justice after he converted client credit cards to his own use. In addition, he was convicted of filing a false income tax return when he materially understated his law business’s gross receipts.  He was suspended on an interim basis on January 3, 2013.”

Comment: false statements to courts tend to draw harsh penalties.

Edward X. Clinton, Jr.

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