Iowa reinstates attorney previously disbarred for converting client funds

IOWA SUPREME COURT ATTORNEY DISCIPLINARY BOARD v. Reilly, Iowa: Supreme Court 2016 – Google Scholar:

Iowa has decided to reinstate an attorney, Michael Reilly, who was previously disbarred for converting client funds from his trust account. Reilly proved to the satisfaction of the Iowa Supreme Court that he had complied with all the conditions in the disbarment order, maintained constant employment and had come to terms with his gambling addiction.

The Opinion discusses a recent change in the rules in Iowa allowing a disbarred attorney to apply for reinstatement. Some states do not allow reinstatement of attorneys who have been disbarred. The court was swayed by Reilly’s reputation as an excellent attorney before he ran into trouble with the gambling addiction and by the fact that he had not gambled for 14 years. Further, Reilly had worked in a managerial role with his employer (during the time he was disbarred) without incident.

I can only wish Michael Reilly all the best and hope for his sake and for others that he does not relapse or incur further problems.

Edward X. Clinton, Jr.

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